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What medications may conflict with this supplement?

Since these mushrooms naturally thin your blood, if you are on blood thinners we recommend talking to your physician before starting this supplement. Also, this supplement has ingredients that are know to stimulate the immune system, so those on immunosuppressants should consult their physician before starting this supplement.

Can I take this while pregnant or breast feeding?

There is no science showing the safety or efficacy of taking functional mushroom during pregnancy or breast feeding so we recommend consulting your physician before taking this supplement.

Can children take this supplement?

We have many clients that offer this to their children age 14+ and we suggest only offering 1 capsule instead of two. This is not medical advice and only our recommendation, for more serious questions or concerns, please consult your child’s physician.

I’ve been taking this for months and don’t feel the benefits anymore, is something wrong?

Over prolonged use your body can build up a tolerance to the active ingredients in the mushroom extracts, we recommend taking a break of 7 days to reset the body before beginning to retake the supplement as recommended.

Why should I take this on an empty stomach?

The beta glucans in this supplement are the most effective at stimulating the immune system on an empty stomach. Also the product is so concentrated that it’s easiest for your liver to process the active ingredients while not digesting food, though taking mushroom extracts with food won’t cause deleterious effects.

My first couple days I went to the bathroom more frequently than I’m used to, is this normal?

Yes, the active ingredients in the mushroom extracts help to balance the gut flora in your body which can make you use the bathroom more often. This side effect rarely lasts longer than a few days, if it persists longer than a week, stop taking the supplement and consult your physician.