Meet the Mushrooms

Scientifically formulated to maximize health and wellness utilizing the most potent dual mushroom extracts on the market! Each serving is equivalent to eating 8g of dried whole mushroom fruiting bodies.

Cognitive and
Immune Support

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Potent Antioxidants
and Nutrients

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Cholesterol Reducer, Inflammation Fighter,
Immune Booster

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Immune Stimulator with
Potent Antioxidants

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Reduces Fatigue,
Boosts Strength
and Sex Drive

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Heart and
Mood Support

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Myceliated grain contains tons of carbohydrates, insoluble fiber, chitin and sugars which are fillers because they don’t offer you much from the mushrooms themselves.

Mushroom Powder is slightly better but still contains a ton of chitin, which is an insoluble fiber that makes up the majority of the mushroom’s cell walls.

Other extracts lower their quality by mixing their extract with mushroom powder to maximize volume and increase profitability.

We offer an 8:1 dual extract blend made exclusively from organic mushroom fruiting bodies that’s 3rd party tested and free from fillers like chitin or cereal grains.

Nutrition Facts

  • USDA Organic

  • QAI Certified Organic

  • Self-Affirmed GRAS

  • 3rd Party Tested

  • Vegan

  • Kosher

  • No Gluten

  • No Fillers

  • No Allergens

  • No Chemicals

  • Cruelty Free

  • Non-GMO

Customer Reviews

  • Naia Oden

    Mental clarity and energy
    I started taking this product hoping it would help with my brain fog and immune system and it did just that and more! I absolutely love this product! I have improve energy, mood and focus, the ingredients are amazing with no fillers. I recommend this to everyone.

  • Caleb Sessions

    Get ready to be cleaned out
    I love the encapsulate blend. Before I started it, I was hoping it would help with mental functioning, and may be a little bit of digestion. Boy did I not know how much of a natural medicine this was. Every time I take it, I feel great. But then after about 2 weeks of...

  • Colin Patrick

    It’s Mushtastic!
    I have been taking this supplement for over six months and all I can say is Wow 🤩 never felt better!

  • Brandon Ghee

    10 out 10 Recommend
    I have been taking EncapsulateUSA for several months now. I can say it has helped me tremendously in many ways and would recommend this product to anyone that is looking to better health and mind. Honest review 10 out of 10!

  • Drew Smith

    Incredible product!
    Love this mushroom blend! I have been using it for about 4 months now and feel great energy, better mood, and sleeping peacefully. Doesn’t bother my stomach and easy to take first thing in the morning. These are well worth the price.

  • Jennifer Girau

    No guess work
    Used powder mushroom mix in the past. But I felt the powder mixture is messy and I never know if I’m getting the proper dose. I like encapsulate each capsule is 0.5g so guess work. I’ve seen changes with 1 pill a day. That extends the quantity to 4 months. I’ve compared...